The reconstructor is a program to remaster ubuntu CD-Roms. It’s written in Python and supports (officially) all ubuntu’s up to 7.10. So if one want’s to remaster kubuntu hardy, there’re two issues:

  1. It’s kubuntu.
  2. It’s Hardy.

For issue 1) there are several threads in the reconstructor forum. Here the most important ones:

A lot of (KDE) applications can be configured through reconstructor (third party) modules.

For Issue 2) There’s a simple explanation: It works with hardy, as tested in this configuration:

  • Use a (k)ubuntu hardy Setup as host system to install the reconstructor on.
    • We’ve got the X86 Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy for this.
  • The usplash works, pcx unknown (Diego has to try out the newest ISO yet)
  • Apt has changed a lot: You can’t add to /etc/apt/sources.list with constructor.
    • Hardy has a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory now, you can put multiple source files there.
  • We remastered kubuntu, so the GNOME customization wasn’t used.
  • The VMPlayer plugin doesn’t work since hardy uses a new kernel, thus manual install works.

A tip if the terminal doesn’t start up: Execute the command “xhost +” on a console of your box.

If you need more documentation: Reconstructor is pretty well documented.

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