DasDrive, an encrypted online storage is our newest service in the cloud. We introduced it because a lot of our customers asked for cloud storage. But also cloud storage got some bad press lately, because of some important-to-consider drawbacks:

  • Security: Many cloud storage providers dont encrypt their customer data. Many have cryptosystems on a very basic, insecure level.
  • Usability: Most cloud storage services run on proprietary clients. Often there is no client for the desired platform and the handling is complicated.
  • Pricing: Almost all offers are very competitive and come with an acceptable price. Often the pricing is very complicated to calculate though.

We all agreed: We didnt want those drawbacks in our cloud storage solution. This was set as a main goal when we started the product development of dasdrive.

During the next few days we will publish several articles on how we scoped with that goal. We will reveal some internas about the technology and give you an insight on how we approached these issues.

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