To install Web Apps with one mouseclick is the dream of many website owners. The dream has now become true! From today  you can install applications from our library with a few mouse clicks.

A variaty of Web-Apps in this categories are available:

  • Content Managemet (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Help Desk
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • E-Learning
  • E-Commerce
  • Project Management
  • E-Mail
  • Gallery (Foto)
  • Analysis

Including: WordPress, Typo3, MediaWiki, LimeSurvey and many more. You can find the full list in our library here.

A brief how-to can be found here:

App-Installer Overview1

ClearWeb, the webhosting and groupware platform is now also presented on In this presentation you see the benefits of our cutting edge apps & communications solution::

With ClearWeb you can host your website, the E-Mail adresses, calendars, tasks and notes. ClearWeb features an App-Installer for web applications and it comes with an XMPP (Jabber) text, voice and video chat.

Like every product of Tecnostore Group you can buy your ClearWeb account online, after the order you get a 30 day money back warranty.

Our sister-company Tecnostore AG just launched the MountainVault Project, they asked us to tell you this:

A military fortress built in the 40ties offers you room with highest security standards: Mountain Vault. The Fortress offers military grade security.

Valuables, Art, Data, Documents, everything that is your precious needs a secure place to store: The fortress stands its ground against floods, earthquakes and other risks! You can rent safes, rooms or sectors. The temperature and humidity are adjustable to your needs.

Learn the details on our homepage Contact to schedule a visit.

DasDrive, the secure cloud storage of Tecnostore Group is now also presented on In this few slides you learn everything about our unique solution:

DasDrive is your network file share in the cloud: All files are stored in encrypted manners with a key that can only be accessed by you and your team members. Aiming at small and medium enterprises, DasDrive could be the Cloud Storage Solution you are looking for.

Like every product of Tecnostore Group you can buy your DasDrive account online, after the order you get a 30 day money back warranty.

We are currently planning the new release of ClearWeb scheduled to come in August.

Several features and improvements are planned:

  • Improved Spam-Scanners
  • Native support for Windows 8 / Outlook 2013
  • Native support for Mozilla Thunderbird using CalDAV and CardDAV
  • Improved Task Management
  • Extended webserver cluster
  • Improved support for Android E-Mail Clients
  • Groupware integrated with Facebook and Twitter

The rollout will take place end of July until mid-august. We will keep you posted on the regular channels and social networks.

DasDEX, the secure file transfer of Tecnostore Group is now also presented on In this few slides you learn everything about our unique solution:

With DasDEX you are able to encrypt and send up to 25 files with up to 50 GB each. This equals the same amount of data like 25 BlueRay disks. To do that you only need an E-Mail address and a web browser.

Like every product of Tecnostore Group you can buy your DasDEX account online, after the order you get a 30 day money back warranty.

We are very happy to announce that version 13.3 is the final step of the ClearWeb infrastructure development. The Cluster infrastructure is fully implemented now. It comes with a fully featured ActiveSync based groupware solution, a chat, and a high-available webhosting solution.

Also we got an EV-Cert for all the services. This requires a hostname and nameserver change for all customers:

  • The new nameservers are ( and (
  • The Panel URL is now, instead of
  • The server names for Shell and FTP users are now ( Due to the certificate we do not recommend using the or urls anymore.
  • The new Webmail is found at
  • The talk server is reachable using XMPP at
  • The new mailserver name for smtp, imap and pop3 is
  • PHPMyAdmin and NetFTP as some other tools are reachable at
  • The IP-Adress for Website A-Records is

clearweb-infrastructure 2013 KundenversionThe ClearWeb cluster is a highly redundant infrastructure for LAMP-Webhosting, Email and Groupware. It is entirely based on Ubuntu Linux and uses state-of-the-art loadbalancing and security techniques.

During testing we did benchmarks with up to 45000 requests per second and were able to ensure that the loading time for the average website (Joomla, Typo3, Drupal and WordPress) stays well below one second. Even under the heavy-load conditions.

All the services mentioned in this article are available from monday 3rd of march 2013. We request all customers to update their settings until march 30th. For further information regarding changes needed please visit the ClearWeb knowledge base in the support section of our homepage.

To change the DNS settings, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the DNS-Domain in the Panel, note down all special settings (e.g. Home-IPs or servers not running with ClearWeb.
  2. Delete the DNS-Domain
  3. Re-Create the DNS-Domain, choose the template “ClearWeb Default with ClearMail”
  4. Change the DNS-Servers of your domain to ( and (
  5. You are done now, your users can change their settings fast and savely using autoconfiguration.

DasDrive, an encrypted online storage is our newest service in the cloud. We introduced it because a lot of our customers asked for cloud storage. But also cloud storage got some bad press lately, because of some important-to-consider drawbacks:

  • Security: Many cloud storage providers dont encrypt their customer data. Many have cryptosystems on a very basic, insecure level.
  • Usability: Most cloud storage services run on proprietary clients. Often there is no client for the desired platform and the handling is complicated.
  • Pricing: Almost all offers are very competitive and come with an acceptable price. Often the pricing is very complicated to calculate though.

We all agreed: We didnt want those drawbacks in our cloud storage solution. This was set as a main goal when we started the product development of dasdrive.

During the next few days we will publish several articles on how we scoped with that goal. We will reveal some internas about the technology and give you an insight on how we approached these issues.