At Tecnostore Group we always look forward to embrace new technologies. At the moment we’re working on version 10.06 of our DAS archiving products. For the first time ever, they feature an RSS reader consuming streams from this blog.

With this technology our customers stay informed without having to browse our homepages themselves or getting a lot of e-mails. It also enables us to communicate available updates, tipps for the products and more important information in an instant.

Technically the feed distribution is done using .net without any external libraries. Only dependencies used are the System.Xml classes and the Controls library. The components implemented are a GUI-Control to display the feed, one to display single feed items, and an RssConsumer class.

All this components will be released to the public in september as a part of the CodeFrame, an easy to use lightweight .net application development framework.

That was the title of the ninth CAOS Report. Frightening at first glance, the study considers it but found that OSS is a process in software development. This in turn is known, but what is behind it?

Open Source Business-Model: Aptana Cloud
This service provides SVN hosting, debugging, etc for PHP developers. Those who work with the Aptana PHP IDE can, there hosting its source and its applications. The service costs $ 0.04 per hour. So U.S. $ 350.40 per year. Compared with 3-year-old Zend license (€ 717th -, ~ CHF 1000 -.) + with 3 years PHP Hosting SSH (SVN soon available),Aptana costs so much alike. (for $ 350.40, there is a 5 GB Space, 10 GB for $ 876th -, 15 GB for $ 1,664.40, 25 GB for $ 3241.20 a year).

That anyone can download the IDE for free, makes nothing of it:

  • Aptana is based on Eclipse. OSS should have lowered the development costs significantly.
  • Users to verify their licenses eliminated, saving lawyers and lobbying costs.
  • The free distribution of interest is marketing, the advertising budget should be deeper.

Aptana is the best example that open source is not a business model, but many attractive business models allows only.

Da wir in Zukunft Daten über Kundenzufriedenheit und -Feedback per Umfrage einsammeln möchten, habe ich heute mal eine webbasierte Survey-Software evaluiert. Die Evaluation gestaltete sich einfach, nachdem ich mit ein wenig Googlen eine Vergleichstabelle gefunden habe.

Ein wenig mehr googeln ergab, dass die Liste wohl ziemlich akkurat ist, also bin ich die Programme auf der Liste kurz durchgegangen. Langer Rede kurzer Sinn: LimeSurvey ist die Wahl!

Pressemitteilungen im Internet veröffentlichen ist ein gutes Mittel, um Besucher auf eine Webseite zu kriegen.

Hier darf man kostenlos veröffentlichen:

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