ClearWeb, the webhosting and groupware platform is now also presented on In this presentation you see the benefits of our cutting edge apps & communications solution::

With ClearWeb you can host your website, the E-Mail adresses, calendars, tasks and notes. ClearWeb features an App-Installer for web applications and it comes with an XMPP (Jabber) text, voice and video chat.

Like every product of Tecnostore Group you can buy your ClearWeb account online, after the order you get a 30 day money back warranty.

Recently, we used our new high availability architecture in operation. Based on a new Web server cluster, and a new database server, in combination with a load balancer, we can now offer the product  Clearweb. Your databases has been already converted to the new server. Their websites becomes more noticeably faster.

To take advantage of even more speed, you can simply change your DNS entries in the panel under from to

A step by step guide can be found here:

The technology behind

The use of a reverse proxy with a load balancer, in combination with MySQL proxy, allows us to offer you high performance and availability.

the schema of the new infrastructure Clearweb

Seit gestern gibt es für eine erweiterte .htaccess. Die Datei enthält viele praktische Voreinstellungen:

  • Eigene Error-Seiten definieren.
  • Verzeichnis-Schutz mit Passwort
  • Beispiele zu mod_rewrite (Apache Rewrite Engine)
  • Beispiele zu mod_autoindex, inklusive FancyIndex.